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Clog Prevention Tips From Our Burbank Plumbing Contractors

Almost half of all plumbing clogs that our Burbank Our Burbank Plumbing Contractors Are Drain Clearin Expertsplumbing contractors clear could have been easily avoided by following a few simple drain maintenance techniques. The majority of clogs occur in the smaller pipes that lead down into the main lateral line for the home.

Alt TextBathroom sink and tub drains usually clog due to hair getting wrapped around the drain components and collecting soap residue. To prevent this you can place a strainer over the drain to catch the hair before it reaches the drain. 

Alt TextKitchen drain clogs are almost always caused by  cooking grease. Pouring grease down the drain allows it to coagulate on the interior of the pipes, restricting the flow of water down the drain. As food particles follow down, they get stuck to the solidifying grease and start to form a dam in the pipe. Even if you have a garbage disposal to finely mince up food waste, it might still clog. Avoid this trap by pouring grease into a disposable container, freezing it and throwing it in the garbage.

Alt TextToilet clogs are usually caused by the flushing of an object that Our Burbank Plumbing Contractors Clear Drains of All Sizesshouldn't be flushed. While most of the time it is a child experimenting with the cool toilet swirl, sometimes adults try to flush things like sanitary napkins, diaper wipes and other cloth-like materials that seem similar enough to toilet paper. 

Alt TextMain drain line clogs can be caused by  grease or the invasion of tree roots. There are chemical root killers that can be poured into the drain to kill off tree roots but they are quite caustic and can be dangerous if they aren't handled properly. If the clog is bad enough to back up your drains, it's probably too far gone to fix it yourself with a chemical treatment. Call in a professional Burbank plumbing contractor to use a power auger to clear it out.